Shamrock Foods -Cupcake Cup 2008

Agency name: Tequila\Ireland
Client name: Shamrock Foods
Category: Brand-building


Odlum continues to dominate the home baking market in Ireland, displaying very high levels of both spontaneous and prompted brand awareness. The brand has a huge positive emotional bond with customers.

However, within supermarkets, there is a low footfall in the baking aisle which is resulting in a decrease in its size.

With a time-poor generation that likes eating on the go, convenience is a key driver in the food category. To aid this, Odlums has introduced the ‘Quick Range’. However home baking is declining and Odlums believes that targeting mothers and encouraging her to bake with her children is one strong route to halt that decline.


The aims of the campaign was to:

  • Drive trial and awareness of the Quick mix range
  • Encourage people to visit the baking aisle and create some theatre
  • Motivate parents to spend special time baking with their kids
  • Further strengthen Odlums' level of brand awareness measured through sales uplift.