Costa Coffee Club loyalty programme

MRM Meteorite

The team

Tom Phillips, Andy Rowe, Amanda Griffiths, Katie Thompson, Juliette Harris, Joel Schilling, Olga Skouteli, Khizar Raja.

Other contributors:

Aszent – Database built and management, Givex – POS and registration platform, Ecircle – Email broadcaster, dynamic email and CMS development, Paratus – PR strategy and implementation, Zenith – Media planning and buying.

How did the campaign make a difference?

The task was to drive incremental value and loyalty from the Costa Coffee Club. Customer interactions online, across Facebook, through SMS and via email were used to dictate dynamically tailored Coffee Club communications. This drove an ROI of 29:1 (up from 5:1) and generated an incremental £21m for the business.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

Coffee purchase is high frequency and low engagement, yet customers seek a light touch direct brand relationship. Completely personalised communications can increase customer loyalty and drive incremental behaviour. This activity analysed customer behaviour from stores, Facebook (through Paratus and Zenith), SMS feedback (through Fizzback), mobile web tracking and email response to create four segmentation models, two new dynamic email templates, a content management system (designed by eCircle), and an enhanced feedback platform (developed by Fizzback). This allowed the system to send and track more relevant, timely and rewarding comms. Being tasked with driving incremental behaviour and loyalty from these emails wasn't easy. But the strategy of personalisation allows continual tweaking and fine-tuning of methods.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?