himaya: Break the Silence

Leo Burnett Beirut

Advertiser: himaya
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Country: Lebanon


"Child Sexual Abuse: the Situation in Lebanon" was a study done in 2008-2009 by Kafa organization, under the supervision of the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs and supported by the International organization Save the Children (Sweden). 

It reported that 885,000 children are victims of psychological abuse, from which 738,000 suffer also from physical abuse and 219,000 from sexual abuse. To understand the extent of the problem, in a country as small as Lebanon, this means that 1 out of 7 children in Lebanon is a victim of sexual abuse. And what's even more outrageous is that no one dares to talk about it. The taboo of discussing family issues to strangers is a prominent characteristic of Lebanese society; add to that the fear of sullying the family reputation or honour, and we have a paralyzing combination that allows the sexual abuse to continue without options in sight.