collaborative knowledge on asian consumer consumption


Helen Passingham-Hughes
Taylo Nelson Sofres
Geoffrey Pickens


Knowledge of the Asian consumer market, home to more than 60% of the worlds population, is a critical component to global business. Major multi-nationals are constantly looking to increase profits through development and delivery of products that meet consumers rapidly changing needs. Asia represents a strategic driver to these strategies but the region is extremely diverse and rapidly changing.

Moreover, there are differing needs and data expectations between western and local Asian companies. The difference can be seen, in part, in their demands for market research. The western markets and Japan are more established and mature, with equally established and mature marketing tools. Western markets still hold the largest proportion of the worlds wealth, however, with an aging population manufacturers are looking to develop regions of growth. Asia is still developing and becoming wealthier. Therefore, research needs vary based on this degree of growth. A new multi-national to Asia may need a wide breath of data in order to prioritise access to various markets and/or countries.