Lotteries and study results in market research online panels

Anja S. Göritz

University of Freiburg

Susanne C. Luthe



This research paper is concerned with theoretical and methodological issues of the employment of cash lotteries and study results as incentives in market research online panels. An online panel is a pool of people who have signed up to repeatedly take part in web studies (Göritz 2004a). Online panels have become a prevalent form of data collection within academic and commercial research (Göritz 2006a; Baker et al. 2010). Reasons for online panels’ popularity are their benefits compared to ad hoc recruited samples, such as ethical advantages and immediate availability of respondents – allowing for short field times, cost-efficient recruitment (Göritz 2008) and improved response quality. In online panels, researchers are able to gauge non-response and ascertain some share of non-response bias (O’Neil & Penrod 2001).