Axe/Lynx – UK dinner party: a real-time approach to measuring buzz


This entry features a major campaign specifically designed to spread word of mouth, not just a small element of a bigger piece of activity. It recognises the importance of WOM in the marketing mix from the outset, which is a brave move.

The campaign was extremely successful in engaging young guys who are notoriously difficult to appeal to, partly because they are lighter TV viewers but also because they are highly marketing literate.

Unilever and BBH recognised the importance of how the catchphrase, Bom Chicka Wah Wah spread. If it was used by the wrong people in the wrong situations it could undermine the credibility of Lynx/Axe. As a result they embraced a very new way of measuring WOM using real-time research, TROI.

Through using TROI we are able to truly demonstrate the effectiveness of WOM. WOM is notoriously difficult to measure and if we are unable to evaluate its effectiveness properly it will make it harder for marketers to embrace WOM within campaign planning.