How brands are using content marketing in Asia Pacific

Low Lai Chow

Content now exerts an influence on consumers during every stage of the purchase process, according to Don Anderson, senior vice president and head of regional strategic digital integration at FleishmanHillard, the PR network.

Speaking at the CommunicAsia2013 conference, he asserted that shoppers frequently evaluate their options by viewing user reviews, comments, product websites and apps; share content with their peers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while experiencing products; and generate material like reviews and blogs to advocate the use of a brand.

"Social has changed the dynamics completely," he added. "It's pretty much a given right now. Content is [playing a role in] every step of the actual decision cycle now. The decision to buy now includes more decision-making touchpoints and options than ever before, requiring businesses to have more highly-tuned creative communications, plans and strategies that break through the clutter."