Differences in attitudes toward TV advertising: VCR usage as a moderator

Seonsu Lee and James R Lumpkin

With the rapid growth in VCR penetration levels, the increased usage of VCR will come at the expense of broadcast television viewing. It is also likely that commercials are deleted during recording or skipped during playback. In this study, the attitudes toward TV advertising between the VCR owners and non-owners, and between tapers and non-tapers among VCR users are investigated. While no differences in attitude between the VCR users and the non-users in general are suggested, it is found that there are significant differences between the users who 'zip and zap TV commercials and the users who do not.


As the number of available viewing options has grown, the viewer has more control over TV programmes. One relatively new technology offering the opportunity for greater viewer control over programme selection is the video cassette recorder (VCR). With the rapid growth of VCR penetration, the VCR will fundamentally affect the way people use television more than any other new technologies (Harvey and Rothe, 1985-6).