Colgate-Palmolive Services Europe – Soupline Edition Limitée

Brand – Non-Food


When it comes to fmcg marketing the grails don't come much holier than washing powder and fabric conditioner. An established market across Europe with a history of targeting mums with messages around efficacy and family life, it was nonetheless a commodity purchase. A bold move then to contemplate a luxury limited edition fabric conditioner targeting younger, more affluent single women. This is exactly what Colgate-Palmolive Europe had in mind when they came to Elmwood with a new fragrance as a brief.

Their Soupline brand was already a leader in many European markets. The challenge of introducing a new premium product in a traditional and static market, where trust and reassurance were key, required vision, strategic thinking and creativity. It had to trade on the reassurance of the existing family brand without damaging it, it had to command a premium price without being inaccessible, it had to create a new category without cannibalising the first.