British Gas: Simply Thank You

The Team

Client: British Gas
Category: Internal communications

Executive summary

Wallet card to encourage nominations from field workers

Putting the simply back into Simply Thank You.

Thank you. It's powerful. A simple show of appreciation from a colleague or manager can make people feel great, increasing their workplace motivation, engagement levels – and ultimately increasing performance. And that's exactly what British Gas wanted to achieve through their employee recognition scheme. In such a competitive and challenging sector, making employees feel valued and recognising their contribution is more important than ever to ensure a competitive edge.

A recognition scheme, Simply Thank You, already existed. It worked by inviting employees to send examples of where colleagues had, through their behaviour or actions, embodied the key priorities of the organisation. The scheme rewarded winners on several levels from instant voucher hand-outs to monthly awards and ultimately, a quarterly and annual event for the most significant and sustained examples.