Swiffer: Dysfunctional Relationships

This is the story of a proactive, consumer-centric approach to protecting a successful brand and pre-empting potential market threats. It is an inspirational story of how best-in-class consumer research is at the heart of the Swiffer brand's continued success. By bringing in the consumer at every step of creative development, from initial concept ideation to in-market check-ins, Swiffer has made the consumers’ wants and needs a top priority.

It is this partnership between smart research and insight-based advertising that has helped drive the continued success of one of the biggest new brand success stories of the decade.


Revolutionizing the Cleaning Category

Launched in 1999, the Swiffer Sweeper was a new-to-market, breakthrough cleaning product that revolutionized the cleaning category. In the past 12 years, P&G's Swiffer has grown to become one of the most recognized and successful brands in American history, with retail dollars sales at over a half a billion! It has established itself as both a pioneer in the cleaning systems category and a pop cultural icon. Swiffer has had such a large impact on the way we think about cleaning, it's even created a new word for cleaning – “Swiffering.”