Polident and Super Poligrip: Polident Reverse Decline

Grey Advertising

Business situation and campaign objectives

In 2010, the GlaxoSmithKline's Denture Care products, Polident and Super Poligrip, experienced sales declines, as did the overall category. In spite of this trend, the brands were charged with generating a significant sales increase in 2011.

The campaign objective was to drive a 5% increase in annual volume by reversing a decline in brand penetration and usage rates. While seemingly modest, this objective was actually aggressive given that the category was shrinking, the brand sales trends were negative, there was no new creative, and the budget was flat.

Our fundamental media objective was to drive increased awareness and usage among a high propensity denture care audience that had not been engaged during previous campaigns.

Research story

Research and modeling were used to identify a new, high propensity and relatively untapped target for the brands.