Social media: Missing the wood for the trees

Robin Houghton

'Social media' and 'social media marketing' have widely become seen as synonymous. But our adherence to traditional marketing ways of thinking hampers our ability to see the true scope of social media.

Much of what passes for social media marketing is flawed, and even what appears to be successful only draws attention to the corresponding missed opportunities. At the same time, 'social' is stripping away the glamorous surface of 20th century marketing and revealing some massive cracks. Social media marketing might just be the dying throes of marketing as we know it.

People can tell when you don't really care about them

Try going into your local high street bank or retail chain and asking them to sponsor a local community initiative to the tune of £200. Almost every time, it will be referred to the company's head office, where the marketing or PR teams are so tied up with the latest TV ad that your tiny request will hardly get past the admin in-tray.