'True Lies': Video data in market research

Lisa King and Penny Roy
Turnstone Research and Consultancy, United Kingdom


We exist in an audiovisual culture: walk down the streets and stations of our central districts and you'll find moving ads on digital TV screens. No need to read your daily horoscope in the back of the newspaper: sit on a London bus and you can watch the televised version. MTV-style music videos give our youths a constant stream of plasma-TV entertainment, not just in the home but in our high street fashion outlets. Reach in your pocket: our mobile phones are no longer just devices with which to make calls. Advances in mobile technology allow us to take pictures, film, even download television and video clips. Mobile phone technology has even brought our own brand of spontaneous video-crime: 'happy slapping' in which victims are filmed being assaulted on camera phone and the footage texted in an instant to friends, class mates and alike for entertainment purposes. Our senses are constantly stimulated by a fantastic array of moving visual and auditory experiences. Everywhere you turn there is immediate sensory gratification.