Meat & Livestock Australia – Lamb on Australia Day 2007–2009: Defying the law of Diminishing Returns

Agency: BMF


Traditionally, Lamb marketing was restricted to Spring when product quality and supply was at its peak. With improved production methods and supply chains, excellent quality Lamb became available all year round.

To achieve year-round presence on a low budget, Lamb sought to leverage existing public holidays, occasions and events.

In 1999 Lamb's advertising highlighted the injustice of American tariffs on Australian Lamb, imploring people to support the farmers and eat more Lamb. As well as selling lots of Lamb, the campaign raised the awareness of consumers to the Australian-ness of Lamb. Lamb became the source of national pride.

Building on this national pride, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and BMF saw the opportunity to create a Lamb event on Australia Day. Some key facts encouraged the strategy: