Sky: Understanding the drivers of customer growth

Harry Mirpuri


This study involved understanding the drivers of prospect sales: what sets apart people who purchased from Sky – and how can we influence those who did not?

We identified the insight, created an engagement strategy and drove it through the business into our marketing strategy. One of the largest marketing budgets in the UK is now being shaped by this insight including a new brand strategy to appeal to prospects on an emotional level.

5 reasons to believe in this brilliant example of Insight Management:

  1. Simplicity of technique: It involved analysis of existing primary research data and a match-back to the Sky database to check if stated intention matched behaviour, followed by statistical analysis.
  2. We collaborated widely and built it with both insight and marketing agency partners
  3. We worked it through internally involving a series of workshops and meetings; obtaining full buy-in from the Executive
  4. It has resulted in revamped marketing development and sign-off processes, KPI reports, campaign alignment and product objectives , and the creation of new campaigns specifically to move the brand metrics
  5. The impact is being seen across Sky – in strategy and communications – and we are starting to see results