The urging behind emerging media

Joe Mandese

It's happening again. In the on-again, off-again battle between the two philosophies of marketing, direct response efficacy is getting the upper hand on the more ethereal art of brand-building media advertising. And the culprit once again is the rapid rise of the internet. It has been ten years since the DR nerds had this kind of traction, but they are back with a vengeance. Of course, they do not call themselves DR shops. They use the far more au current terminology of digital agencies – performance marketing – but they are basically plying the craft of lead generation, list management and database marketing that has long been the bread and butter of the direct business. And they are winning. And I do not just mean new business. They are winning the organisational war over how the next generation of ad agencies will be structured, what kind of services they provide and how the media earn a buck.