Beatbullying: The big march

Agency name: Arnold KLP
Client name: Beatbullying
Category: Digital Communication


In a world dominated by technology, bullying is no longer confined to the playground. Children are harassed 24/7 and ‘cyberbullied’ through hate pages and vicious posts on social networks, and nasty texts and photos on their mobile phones. In order to propel the plight of the bullied high on to the agenda of the Government and raise awareness of the unique online peer-to-peer mentoring service, the UK's leading bullying prevention charity Beatbullying wanted create a campaign that would result in the review of the current anti-bullying policy by the Coalition Government.


1 in 3 children are bullied every day in the UK. The effects can be devastating. It's proven to cause long term emotional damage, lower self esteem and a higher probability of depression. Many individuals feel alone, unloved, isolated and unable to talk to anyone about their suffering. 20% of suicides each year can be directly attributed to bullying.