Using international survey data to build a go-to-market strategy for the family business sector

Ann Morgan and Oriana Pound
Jigsaw Research and PwC


PwC's biannual Family Business Research is the flagship global thought leadership survey focused on this important business segment. But by 2012 it was tired, lacking internal engagement and external impact. It also struggled to simultaneously develop universal global themes and deliver meaningful local results.

So PwC decided to change it: how it was carried out and how the results were used. Working collaboratively, PwC and Jigsaw Research reinvented the 2012 PwC Family Business Survey to give it real and lasting impact:

  • A survey process that required buy-in and engagement from the business itself.
  • Survey content and data analysis that provided global insight and local nuance
  • A go-to-market strategy that was agile and modern, delivering maximum external impact and positioning PwC as dynamic and forward looking.