Understanding Retailer Image and Usage

Bill Blyth
Audits of Great Britain

This month sees TCA report number 316 released. With the thirteen four-weekly reports produced annually, this means that TCA is now in its twenty-fifth year. Its longevity is shared with the three other basic research vehicles – BARB, NRS and the Nielsen retail audit – which, between them, form the basis of the data used to monitor advertising performance in Great Britain of packaged groceries. It also shares with them one other major characteristic – an essentially unchanged methodology which permits the analysis of long-term data sets. The existence of such long-term stable data sets is something which today is perhaps taken for granted. However, over that time period, many other services which purported to Offer all or part of the solution to monitoring advertising performance have come and gone. The exception, perhaps, are the advertising tracking studies now associated with Millward Brown which are a directly recognizable descendant of the J. Walter Thompson Advertising Planning Index of the 60s.