Agency: 4 Creative Authors: James Walker, Joanna Bamford, Simon Hankin, Andrew Stirk, Jonny MacKay, Ben Milligan, Cameron Saunders, Lindsay Nuttall, Greg Smith and Richard Helyar

E4 Skins – How 'Generation why should I care' came to care about E4's Skins

Generation Why Should I Care?

They are the most ethnically diverse generation Britain has ever known. They've grown up with mobile phones, gaming and the Internet. They embrace technology as an essential part of their lifestyle. They don't read manuals or pay attention to rules; they jump in, bash buttons, work things out for themselves.

They consume more hours of media a week than they get sleep. They're masters at multitasking, squeezing 31 hours of activity into each day. 26% of their time is spent on multiple media and as a result they have got very good at filtering out all the boring bits. But when they're engaged they'll spend hours discussing, sharing and creating their own stuff.