Volkswagen: Dodging the 'features and benefits' trap

DDB Sydney

Advertiser: Volkswagen Group
Brand: Volkswagen
Country: Australia


Our OBJECTIVES were twofold

  1. Shift Volkswagen brand consideration from 7.5% to 9% before the end of 2011.

This would put Volkswagen in line with the brands we regard as our nearest rivals – Subaru and Honda. (NB Mazda is also a key competitor but catching them is a long term challenge).1

  1. Reshape Volkswagen brand perception from niche to mainstream and relevant to more Australians.

Broadening Volkswagen's appeal to a wider demographic.

You can't rely on model level activity to change perceptions of your brand.

In many respects 'launching cars' is part and parcel of life for the automotive industry. In 2011 alone there were 101 individual product launches across 64 different brands2 – that's a staggering 1 every 3½ days! How many can you remember?