WOM and TV, two ways to build a brand: Insights from Moonpig and Naked Wines

Matthew Carlton

There is no single way to build a brand. Two small companies speaking at Media360 in London described very different approaches to generating growth. For both, word of mouth proved essential in their development but while one has moved on to mainstream media, notably TV, the other has continued to use WOM and loyalty as its primary marketing approach.

Scaling up to TV

The founder of the successful online greeting cards business Moonpig.com, Nick Jenkins, described how TV really helped the business take off in the UK. During its first five years – from 2000 to 2005 – the brand grew steadily and customers enthused about its products, greeting cards that could be personalised with names and messages, but it didn't make a profit. It was only when it turned to TV in 2006 that revenues and profits began to rocket.