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Principal Author: Saad Saraf - Mediareach Advertising
Contributing Author: Nithya Thyagarajan - Mediareach Advertising


Atta (flour) is a staple ingredient in Asian meals. Even the most basic meal in an Asian household includes chapattis (Asian flatbread). UK South Asians are deemed to be those of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin (some from Uganda) and there are over 3 million such people living in the UK. They started to migrate to the UK following the Second World War, with migration peaking in the 60s and 70s. Our audience still eats curries each day, as those from the North and West of India and all of Pakistan eat chapattis as the staple cereal with curry or daal (lentils).

As they are concentrated principally in urban areas, with their own retail network and media channels, they are a relatively easy niche to access. However, as we enter the third generation of British Asians in the UK, there is far more integration, but certain touchstones remain. Chapattis carry far more cultural significance than would perhaps be anticipated. It is highly emotive, having religious symbolism, representing a sign of womanhood (maternal care and being a good housewife) and is also of communal importance (to the family and to Asian identity and history). The tradition of making chapattis is passed on from generation to generation in Asian families.