ALS Foundation Netherlands: I have already died



ALS is an incurable and deadly disease. In the Netherlands many people are unaware of the disease and its impact. The ALS Foundation Netherlands, has never succeeded to break through the clutter before. So, the objective of the creative work was to make more people aware of this unknown disease, increase willingness-to-give and to increase donations.

The strategy was based on confronting people with the fatal destiny of the patient. Patients were asked to make statements, which are aired after they have died. The impact of the campaign is based on the sudden awareness that the person talking and looking at you, is no longer among us.

Nine ALS patients participated in a film and photo shoot. The patients make a public appeal to raise awareness of ALS and collect money for scientific research. They end their request with the statement: I ask this not for myself, because I have already died. The headline in print and outdoor is similar: I have already died. Although totally depending on free ad space, the integrated campaign ran on TV and radio, outdoor, in cinemas, via bannering, social media, a website and in print.

National context of the campaign