Do's and don'ts of music for ads

Joss Sanglier

Music in advertising sets a mood, sounds a fanfare and can be used as pointing between the bricks of the script. But, if you are going to use music in advertising, using it right is important. View it as an investment; just using it as glorified glue is a waste.

I was spoilt working in London; most of my clients had half-decent budgets. If they wanted music, they used great music and could make a commercial sound like a film soundtrack. But, in the world of local radio stations and regional daytime TV, budgets are minuscule. As radio groups have become bigger, their internal production has improved, and local stations are producing some fine ads. But the picture is still very uneven.

But just because a client is small and short of budget, they can still have a great commercial, well thoughtout and reflective of their business, made in a timely fashion. All it requires is a rocket scientist.