Colombian Ministry of Defence: FARC Operation Christmas - Reaching the soft-side of hard-core guerrillas

Juan Pablo Garcia
SSP3 Colombia

In memory of Captain Valdez, military leader of Operation Christmas.

Killed in combat, March 2011, during an infiltration operation by FARC at La Macarena


This entry is about Colombia’s 60 year struggle against the world’s oldest guerrilla group, FARC, which commits a terrorist act once every 3 days.

We were asked to create an idea to demobilise them. Inviting them to rediscover their lives and their freedom.

Going back to basics and conducting interviews with 200 ex-guerrillas revealed a powerful insight - that Christmas time is the most sensitive period for guerrillas. The interviews also reinforced how difficult it would be to communicate with a target audience who in the main are beyond the reach of conventional media.