3M Scotch Pop-Up Tape: Pass the parcel

Agency name: OgiIvy Action
Client name: 3M Scotch® Pop-Up Tape
Category: Digital Communication


The gift tape market is made up of a range of manufacturers offering very similar products in terms of quality, features and benefit. Scotch® are seen as innovators in the market, pioneering new technology and launching products designed around the needs of the consumer. But they were struggling to communicate this message and it's often not until people try their products that they realise how useful they are. Scotch® Pop-Up Tape makes gift wrapping easier than traditional roll tapes and allows users to achieve a neat finish to their presents.

So, how do you create an engaging, contagious digital promotion for a brand that exists in a traditionally static market? Not only that, but how do you create a campaign that stands out amidst the market's major player's (Sellotape) multi-million pound ATL campaign?