Uncompromising intimacy – The route to transformational ideas: Getting up close and personal to unlock a company's potential for transforming healthcare

Anita Black and Neil Rothstein


With the discovery of genes and the mapping of the genetic code, we've seen the coming of a new age of scientific innovation and medical research. Across the world, the impact of these advances in science and technology are being felt. In the UK, the 100k Genome Project is underway, mapping the genetic sequence of over 100,000 people, focusing on those with cancer and rare and infectious diseases, to help understand causes, improve treatments and find cures. Similar projects of lesser scale are underway across other European countries, as well as throughout Asia. Globally, 'biobanks', storage centres for biological materials such as tissue, plasma, cells and DNA, are being founded, with some large enough to hold over one million samples for as long as one hundred years. Indeed, "a worldwide genomics revolution is upon us."