IKEA Switzerland: Private showrooms wanted

Wirz/BBDO Zürich

Brand:IKEA Switzerland


IKEA: A market leader on challenge

IKEA is the undisputed leader in the Swiss market for home furnishing. During the previous years, the brand had lost some of its uniqueness and distinctiveness though. While the main competitors significantly gained ground, IKEA became a standard for the target group and was mainly associated with low prices. The surprising and inspiring part of the brand vanished and IKEA became more and more a «need-brand» instead of a «want-brand».

A new store opens in Rothenburg/Switzerland

In November 2011, IKEA was building a large store near Rothenburg (Central Switzerland) with more than 18'000 square metres of exhibition space. However, the store was already the ninth one in Switzerland. So nothing new. How could IKEA nevertheless generate the awareness needed to attract lots of visitors to the opening? And also strengthen the brand that was in a strong need of revitalization?