Mars Snickers: You're not you when you're hungry

BBDO New York


The “You're Not You When You're Hungry” campaign is based on the simple, universal truth that people are not themselves when they’re hungry and that SNICKERS® can help sort them out. Everyone knows someone who turns into a very different person when they’re hungry. There are universal “symptoms” of hunger – crankiness, irritability, lethargy, lack of concentration, etc. – that cause you to be off your game or act like someone else all together. We realized that SNICKERS®, a brand rooted in hunger satisfaction, was uniquely poised to help solve this issue.

Although SNICKERS® has always been one of America's most loved brands, over time it had been allowed to morph into more of a teenage, goofball brand. Changes in communications took the brand into a more “vertical” or niche territory. This coupled with intense competitor pressure caused declines across major metrics, including volume sales, household penetration and overall relevance. Although always a male brand at its core, SNICKERS® is also a mass brand that everyone should feel they can be a part of. The bold, populist appeal of this idea and its creative execution were things the brand was craving.