A measurement of socially responsible consumer behaviour in China

Jun Yan and Qiuling She

Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Since the 1990s a number of surveys have provided ample evidence that a significant proportion of consumers, who uses ethical criteria in their purchase decisions, has grown in many countries (e.g. CWS 1995; Roberts 1995, 1996; BT 1996; Strong 1996; Cooper 1998; Rogers 1998). The study of socially responsible consumption (SRC), or socially conscious consumption, has also attracted much attention from academics (Anderson & Cunningham 1972; Webster 1975; Antil 1984; Leigh et al. 1988; Roberts 1995, 1996; Francois-LeCompte & Roberts 2006; Webb et al. 2008). However, prior studies concentrated largely on the mature markets in the developed countries like the United States and France. SRC in the emerging countries, like China, is neglected.