IKEA PS Range: Mobile interior design planner

Ogilvy Frankfurt



IKEA offers an unusual design furnishing collection: IKEA PS. While people tend to show enthusiasm when looking at this collection in the stores, research showed they can‘t imagine the furniture fitting into their houses and rooms.


Our message: Turn your mobile phone into a mobile interior design planner. Customers were able to download a mobile application from the IKEA website, via SMS or via Bluetooth in the store. By using the mobile‘s integrated camera, the tool projects an overlay of one of eight particular pieces of furniture onto any focussed perspective. The customer now sees which piece of the IKEA PS collection fits his room best and can even send a picture of it to his friends afterwards as an MMS.


The main interim objective was to raise consideration for the IKEA PS range. By developing the mobile interior design planner, we successfully helped to overcome peoples inhibition of not being able to imagine the pieces of furniture fitting into their home. We successfully reduced the barrier in the case of many people: