Engaging influentials: Intel's connection with an audience of young artists

Geoffrey Precourt

At the penultimate session of the BRITE '13 Conference, sponsored by Columbia University's Center of Global Brand Leadership in New York, a true confession came from a brand thought leader: "It's hard being the bad boy of advertising."

David Haroldsen is creative director of Intel's Creators Project, a four-year-old global initiative co-sponsored by by Intel and Vice Media. In mission-statement language, this scheme "supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression." It has also yielded award-winning campaigns like Intel's "Human Processor" initiative.

When Haroldsen first introduced the idea of a partnership to Intel's management, "they thought it sounded weird and didn't want any part of it," he revealed. And that explains, in part, why he is such a "bad boy".

Photo courtesy of Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership