Comfort: Plumbers without borders

Prime Stockholm

Advertiser: Comfort
Brand: Comfort
Country: Sweden


Comfort is Sweden's largest confederation of plumbers, made up of 3000 co-workers in 68 bathroom stores and 130 franchise companies. Over the last five years, Comfort has grown larger, but since they generally do not utilize communication as a whole, many co-workers have only a vague feeling of what Comfort stands for.

In fact, in spring 2011 their internal tracking showed that co-workers lacked a sense of pride in sharing the company name. Taking pride in your work is probably the most important aspect of human resources. And pride comes from knowing that your job serves a purpose. But how do you boost pride among plumbers? It's not like they save lives, like firemen. Or do they? Could they?

The goal of the project was to find a way to unite the franchise. In order to spark unity, the plumbers needed to become self-aware of their importance.