Lowdown: Prediction mapping

Rob Meldrum

Over the last 18 months, projection mapping has been used across a range of marketing campaigns. This technique is achieved by projecting video onto a 3D surface. The projection surface is first mapped into a 3D programme, where the exact angles are captured. Video is then 'wrapped around' this 3D model and skewed to accurately represent the space. This can be achieved with just one projector source, but often multiple sources are used to further enhance the 3D effect. If used correctly, the overlaid video can bring huge surfaces to life, creating a stunning visual experience for onlookers.

Projection mapping, used in marketing, is relatively new. It has risen from the need to create large-scale experiential events. Like most new technologies, projection mapping is really a mash-up of traditional 3D techniques used in video games, and the digital billboard.