Changing the internet audience measurement standard

Peter Callius, Anders Lithner and Stefan Svanfeldt
Research International, Sweden


The great thing about the Internet is that almost everything is measurable. Unfortunately the dilemma is precisely that – that everything is measurable. This has at times been in the way of the development of new and more flexible measurement systems.

Media fragmentation, advertising avoidance, technology development and the need for an understanding of ROI are four of the most important driving forces in the media world today. More heterogenic consumers are also pressing the need for more target group data to target and describe consumers.

Media fragmentation forces advertisers to use more media vehicles than before to reach the same result. Advertising avoidance forces advertisers to meet the customers when and where the customer at any moment accepts to receive the advertising. Technology development leads to the rise of digital media and changes in the way people consume media. The pressure on marketing managers to produce ROI figures also brings out the necessity for mixed media planning.