Warc Briefing: Short-term Impact

Definition: Communication effects achieved in key performance indicators within three to six months of a campaign launch.

Quick facts

  • The average three-month return on marketing is 1.09:1, according to Nielsen Analytic Consulting.i
  • Both recall and persuasion also peak quickly – 81% of all campaigns tracked have peaked by 850 GRPs (gross ratings points) and within 12 weeks from start of airing.ii
  • Promotional activity is at record levels in many geographies and industries. Some soft drinks brands routinely attribute more than 80% of their volume sales to some kind of promotion.iii

History and outlook

Driving sales growth is at the core of marketing activity. David Ogilvy famously said: "We sell or else."

However, marketing has become a broader discipline than simply a means to spark a short-term sales uplift. Marketers are trained to think of brand-building as a long-term proposition, with the ultimate goal of selling more goods for a higher price. One example of this trend is that the payback period used by the highly-regarded IPA Effectiveness Awards is often a three- to five- year period.