Proving the effectiveness of campaigns

Ruth Saunders
Galleon Blue


As a past writer of IPA papers, I was surprised by how much, as an IPA judge, I willed each paper to be a winner in its own right. As I started to read each one I wanted it to be a good read, a compelling case, packed with fresh new insight and learning. A case that makes me proud to be in the world of brands, and one that makes the time being an IPA judge worthwhile.

This year, we focused on campaigns with less than £2.5m spend. Often, people say "how can I prove the effectiveness of my campaign with such a low level of spend and so little money for research and econometric models?". As a judging team, we were blown away by the creativity of some of the papers in using evidence to prove the case, even if the spend level was less than £100k, proving beyond doubt how even campaigns with small budgets can have a lasting effect on company success.