Audiposter: a complex technique for simple results

Andrea Mezzasalma
Eurisko NOP World, Italy


As already described in the past,1) Audiposter is a JIC formed by the Italian Association of Advertisers (UPA), Advertising Agencies and Media Buyers (Assocomunicazione) and Outdoor Media Owners (AAPI).

The survey involves 35 large and mid-size Italian towns, with a sample of varying number – 180 to 1120 – totalling 10,250 (See Figure 1).

Each town's sample is representative of the population of those who: a) live inside the town; or b) live in the catchment area and visit the town at least once a week.

The extent of each town's catchment area, as well as the number of people living there who visit the town at least once a week, is determined using a combination of census data and ad-hoc CATI surveys. Then, using the same sources, the sample is carefully divided into separate geographical areas, within which quotas of sex by age are also assigned, as well as specific addresses to be used as starting points.