Mercedes Benz SLS AMG for iPad

Agency name: Proximity BBDO
Client name: Mercedes Benz
Category: Event Marketing


The SLS AMG is the new Mercedes Benz supercar. It is the modern re-incarnation of the legendary 1951 300 SL (with its famous lambo doors), a model that is still going strong over 50 years after it was launched and uses the traditional values of sportiness and excellence to symbolise the Mercedes-Benz brand. Only a privileged few will be able to afford this model...


To give a specific target group the opportunity to discover and try out the new SLS AMG: French Premier League footballers - a target group of luxury car enthusiasts, on the lookout for the latest innovations and exclusive designs. Arouse the target group's interest in the entire Mercedes-Benz AMG range, the brand's sporty and exclusive series.

With this campaign, the results were satisfactory: Mercedes created a very privileged link with high-profile VIP clients to get them to test drive the SLS and also create other occasions to contact them through their very own iPad but also with the game SLS AMG for iPad (today the 7th most downloaded free application).