An Episode-by-Episode Examination: What Drives Television-Viewer Behavior: Digging Down into Audience Satisfaction with Television Dramas

Donald Miller Dennis

Foxtel Networks Australia

David Michael Gray

Macquarie University

Management slant

  • Television programs are often produced from the perspective of writers rather than the audience. This study shows that within a television series audience satisfaction with television drama is dynamic and can change over time between episodes.
  • A viewer's expectations of the program, the performance of the program and, to a very limited extent, a viewer's connectedness with a program predict audience satisfaction over time.
  • The implications of this study suggest that the use of a soft market-oriented approach to production could improve the likelihood of sustaining (or generating greater) audience satisfaction in the long-term.
  • With millions of dollars at play in any television series, a soft market-oriented approach presents television producers, directors and advertisers with an opportunity to reap added value by adjusting television program content on the basis of between season and within season program market research and consequential insight.