Kicking the habit

Agency The Furnace
Advertiser GSK (GlaxoSmithkline)
Author John Turnbull/Tony Singleton
Total Campaign Expenditure $2 - 5 million


Ever since people stopped believing the reassuring doctors in the tobacco ads of the 1950's, people have been trying to kick the smoking habit. But the process of quitting smoking is notoriously difficult and can take many years – after all, it is a physical addiction. The average number of attempts that a smoker will make before they are successful is 8. On average, each of these attempts is approximately 14 months apart.

There are a number of ‘Smoking cessation’ products available for smokers to use beyond quitting ‘cold turkey’ – although cold turkey remains the most popular (but most unreliable) way of quitting. These products include prescription drugs and ‘alternative’ therapies such as hypnotherapy, but the largest segment of smoking cessation products is NRT- Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nicabate, with its patches, gum and lozenges is the leader in this market, and competes against Nicorette (from J&J), Nicotinell (Novartis) and several other smaller brands, all offering similar product ranges.