Headroom Vs. Heartroom: Using Customer Insight to Fine-Tune Targeting and Communications From Segmentation Models

Debra Walmsley
Leapfrog Research and Planning, United Kingdom

Stephen Barr
Persuasion Engines, United Kingdom


How often have we picked up a piece of mail from our doorstep or clicked on an email, to find something we consider wholly inappropriate or untimely from a company selling their wares? Over the last decade the sophistication of loyalty programs and the revolution in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) has helped reduce the level of what we might consider to be ‘junk mail’. Marketeers have become savvier to the ‘opt-in’ communication and a growing number of channels and formats, such as Twitter and Facebook, have empowered consumers to engage with brands on their own terms. This has been noted for some years; Zahay, Peltier, Schultz and Griffin in 2004 mentioned the increasing importance of ‘cross media platforms’ in their paper on bringing customer data together. ‘Word of Mouth’ is no longer about isolated conversations in the office or at the school gates, but about the web as a broadcast medium for ‘fans’ or advocates to shout about their love of a brand, or conversely for its detractors to spread their message of disenchantment.