What Makes Win, Place, or Show? Judging Creativity in Advertising at Award Shows

Douglas West

King’s College London

Albert Caruana

University of Malta/University of Bologna

Kannika Leelapanyalert

Birkbeck, University of London

Management slant

  • Assessment of advertising creativity is not something that can be precisely scaled.
  • The main objectives of advertising-award shows proved to be to establish overall standards and to reward the individuals and agencies involved.
  • The definition of advertising creativity employed and the judgment criteria adopted by judges in the majority of award shows consist of creativity, originality, and execution.
  • The policies and processes employed at the advertising-award shows examined in this research are predominantly underpinned by heuristic decision making.
  • The heuristic decision making process consists of: (1) selection of judges, (2) establishment of judgment criteria, (3) evaluation, and (4) the selection of the creative project to pursue.