Dr Pepper celebrates being "one of a kind"

Stephen Whiteside

In a category dominated by the marketing muscle of the Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo, occupying the odd-one-out role is nothing new for Dr Pepper.

Rather than viewing this status as a weakness, the soft drink's latest campaign celebrates what it means to be "One of a kind". "The brand is about being a maverick; it's about being one of a kind; it's about blazing new trails," Shaun Nichols, Dr Pepper Snapple Group's vp/integrated content marketing, told delegates at the Advertising Age Digital Conference 2014.

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This "brand belief system" informs everything from its TV spots to its social-media output. "It was a brand system that allowed us to be clearly understood … but, at the same time, it allowed us to tell a variety of different stories to a number of different people," she added. "If you think about, from a popularity standpoint, the number of people we can reach, this message works across the mass audience and it goes all the way across to very niche audiences.