2013 and beyond: Media trends and their implications for marketers

Joseph Chan
MediaCom Global Insight

Every year there are numerous articles about media trend predictions. Some of these are based on personal speculation of how certain popular technological platforms are going to develop. Others focus on listing successful examples of how social media or some other new technology such as augmented reality or near field communications was used to break the mould of traditional advertising practices.

But what exactly is a media trend?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a trend as "a general direction in which something is developing or changing". For media trends, a 'general direction' should be fundamentally derived from a longer- term shift in consumer motivation and behaviour which becomes an essential influence on the future of media consumption. This article sets out to examine how consumer motivations and behaviours are evolving, identify five key trend themes that reflect these changes and outline some strategic priorities arising from this change.

1. Continued fragmentation of media