Visa taps in to 25 years of Olympics sponsorship

Geoffrey Precourt

The connection between a consumer and a sponsorship program is often a personal tale.

Just ask Ricardo Fort, Visa's head, global sponsorship marketing. "I'm from Brazil, and if you're from Brazil, you have no choice of a favorite sport when you're growing up. There was just one. And my life - and the lives of all my Brazilian friends - was based on the World Cup," he told the opening-day audience at the 2013 IEG conference, the 30th instalment of the organization's annual event.

"We counted our lives in four-year intervals. And I can remember - for each of those four years [when there was a World Cup] - I knew who my friends were. I remember what we were doing, what games I was playing. I remember each of those World Cup years. And I have no memory of what happened in between. It was part of my life. And that's the beauty - and power - of sports."