Marketing to the unemployed: three health-related case studies

Virginia Matthews

"Give It Up For Baby" is an incentive scheme in Scotland to encourage pregnant women on state benefits to stop smoking. It offers successful quitters £12.50 (US$20) a week in vouchers for ASDA, the Wal-Mart-owned UK supermarket but, in doing so, has faced claims of "bribing" people to change behaviour.
While the campaign has already been deemed a success - by the end of it first year, more than 140 expectant mothers in the target area had quit the habit for the long-term - the three case studies below suggest that reaching those, such as the unemployed, who are traditionally hostile to health messages doesn't always require hard cash.

Be a Star breastfeeding promotion

"Be a Star" is an ongoing, breastfeeding initiative aimed at young D/E demographic mothers which incorporates members of the target audience into the campaign itself. It was launched by Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust in 2008 and subsequently rolled out in a further seven health areas in the UK.