Ready for Enterprise 2.0?

Marian Berelowitz

Consider the tools that anyone with online access has at their disposal today: Wikipedia and others for collaborative authoring, Facebook for social networking, Twitter for microblogging, RSS feeds, iGoogle – the list goes on. Tools like these, the stars of what's known as Web 2.0, are, for many, an intrinsic part of daily life – at least, the part of life that does not include work. That's because many businesses have remained stuck in 1.0 mind-sets.

There is a huge gap, and it is only just starting to narrow. This technology gap is felt most keenly by the so-called 'digital natives', who have grown up immersed in 2.0 tools. Ericsson ConsumerLab estimates that a typical 21-year-old has spent a lifetime total of 3,500 hours online engaged in social networking. This employee is accustomed to being connected with his network via text message and instant message, and he expects sophisticated information and communications technology to be available to him around the clock.